Who should go on a Double Play Baseball Tour?

Everyone! Our tours are family friendly and we welcome everyone. However, we will be walking to/from stadiums and sightseeing so travelers should be comfortable with this.

Where do the Tours begin and end?

Double Play Baseball Tours does not include transportation to/from your home city. Transportation while on the tour is included. Guests will book their own travel to the first city of the tour, then home from the last city. Please plan accordingly.

What kind of seats will we have for the ballgames?

All of the seats for our guests will be premium seats. That means the seats will be lower level infield seats, infield club seats, or better.

What should I bring on the Tour?

Camera, comfortable shoes to walk in, rain poncho, spending money, pillow, reading material, and overnight necessities.

How much luggage can I bring?

Please limit yourself to one large suitcase that will be stored below the bus and one smaller carry-on that fits in the overhead compartment on the bus. Small coolers/lunch boxes are permitted as long as they fit under the seat in front of you. However we will have soft drinks and water available for purchase on the bus.

What type of hotels will we stay in?

Nearly all of our hotel stays are with either Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton or Embassy Suites branded properties on each of our baseball tours. We are proud to offer these first class hotels as part of your tour package and truly feel that our hotels are what sets us apart from other baseball tour options. All of our hotels are either 3 or 4 star properties, often within walking distance of stadiums and in the center of all the action.

When we will receive our final itinerary?

The complete, finalized itinerary will be sent to our booked guests about 30 days before our tour start date.

What about Rain Outs?

Rain outs are a rarity in MLB while rain delays are more common. In the event of an actual rain out, guests will receive information from the home team about the future use or refund of their ticket. While other tour companies do not offer refunds, at Double Play Baseball Tours we will refund you the face ticket value.

Who will serve as host of the Tour?

Tours are hosted by me and an assistant of mine. We are baseball enthusiasts and have years of experience traveling to baseball stadiums.

If at any time you have further questions regarding the details on one of our tours, feel free to give us a call, text, or send us an email, and we will be happy to go over the itinerary or any questions you may have not listed here.